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Fri. Aug 26 // Seattle, WA // High Dive

Sat. Aug 27 // Bellingham, WA // Swillery Whiskeybar

2016 Tour Dates

Sat. Jan 30 // Eugene, OR // Luckey’s

Sun. Jan 31 // Portland, OR // Turn! Turn! Turn!

Mon. Feb 1 // Pendleton, OR // Great Pacific

Tues. Feb 2 // Hood River, OR // River City Saloon

Wed. Feb 3 // Baker City, OR // The Lone Pine

Thurs. Feb 4 // Boise, ID // Record Exchange In-Store performance… 6pm

Thurs. Feb 4 // Boise, ID // Neurolux

Fri. Feb 5 // La Grande, OR // KEOL 91.7 FM interview/performance 2pm

Fri. Feb 5 // La Grande, OR // The Art Center

Sat. Feb 6 // Seattle, WA // Blue Moon Tavern

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The Story of Sons of Guns

In 2003, Mike Surber and Gregory Rawlins began to write and play songs together. So confident were they in these magic beans that they left their little town of Union, Oregon and moved to Seattle to start a real rock and roll band. Within a few weeks they had met the rhythm section duo of EJ Sander and Seth Johnson, and Sons of Guns was formed.

After a couple years of writing and playing songs within this 4-piece brick house, Hurricane Katrina brought Mike and Greg to New Orleans—and what started as a few weeks off turned into a bonafide hiatus. Separated from the original backline, Mike and Greg continued to write and play together, and called on the likes of musician friends Luke McKern, Wayne Callahan, and Jeff Grammer to fill those massive shoes. Shows were played, albums were made, and the embers caught just enough wind to keep them burning.

In 2015, geography was kind enough to bring the original four back together in the Pacific Northwest, and the result is a brand new album called Marguerite.

The Story of Marguerite

In February 2015, in a cabin on the Olympic Peninsula, the four original members of Sons of Guns met up for the first time in a decade. A more suitable location there never was. Misty, quaint, picturesque– the prime muse for a band who had once formed some twenty miles through the saltwater bends, in Seattle. The objectives were simple: reunite as friends, eat oysters, and write music. 

With as much sustenance and sound equipment as thought necessary, they set up their instruments, sharpened their pencils, toasted, and set to composing what would become, after the quickest and longest weekend of all time, an album called Marguerite.

Ten autobiographical songs encompass the state of friends picking up where they’d left off, sifting through what they’d left behind, and charging toward what lay ahead; in a fashion nearly indistinguishable from the poetic folk ballads and carnal American rock ‘n’ roll which had previously earned Seth Johnson, E.J. Sander, Mike Surber and Gregory Rawlins a reputation as one of the Northwest’s most prized ensembles. 

Marguerite features Seth Johnson (Telescope) on drums, Gregory Rawlins (Catskills) on acoustic guitar, banjo, and vocals, EJ Sander (Tightpants Slowdance) on bass, and Mike Surber (Fast Man) on electric guitar and vocals.

In 1950, Elmer and Marguerite (EJ’s grandparents) bought a cabin. Sixty-five years later, Sons of Guns spent four days writing and playing these songs in that cabin. We’re proud to share this album with you entitled Marguerite.

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